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Mostly Acoustic (Retrospective)

Gary Blanchard

Featuring 20 of Gary's best songs that are mostly acoustic. A strong collection of some of Gary's best music.

Studio Magic (Retrospective)

Gary Blanchard

Featuring 18 songs from Gary's career that showcase they ways various instruments, payers, and studio effects can enhance a song. A strong collection of some of Gary's best music.

Welcome to Wonderland

Gary Blanchard

Gary's latest CD offers a variety of musical styles and uplifting lyrics.

The Inner Light

Gary Blanchard

Gary explores spirituality and the mysteries of life in an album that relies more on drums and electric guitar, yet remains very true to his musical style.

Magical World

Gary Blanchard

Gary's first CD of 2020 offers 12 new songs written in the early part of the year.

Wake into Our Dream

Gary Blanchard

Gary's second album of new material in 2020 reflects hope in a time of challenge.

Professor Sorgum's Clockwork Apothecary

Gary Blanchard and Friends

Gary Blanchard collaborated with musicians from around the country to offer a new approach to his music.


Gary Blanchard

Gary's fourth album of 2020 was the third with new, original songs. Gary continues to bring a sense of hope and optimism along with a hint of magic.

Peace Will Come

Gary Blanchard

Gary's fourth album of new original material released in 2020 finds him exploring new territory lyrically and musically. The positive vibes are still there as he promises that peace will come.

The Dream

Gary Blanchard

As 2021 was beginning, Gary continued to write new. uplifting music. The Dream shows that Gary's creativity and positive attitude is still quite alive.